1. What is ARCH? Athens Resource Center for Hope (ARCH) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization created for the purpose of identifying gaps in the current array of homeless services for Athens-Clarke County and developing and implementing programming to fill these gaps through opportunities afforded by the Navy Supply Corps School Base Reuse Plan.
  1. How is ARCH funded? ARCH funding comes from dues from the participating agencies, fundraising, private donations, and grants. As a collaborative, the costs associated with most of the services that will be provided in the Athens Resource Center and ARCH Village is covered by the participating agencies.
  1. Who is a member of ARCH and Why? ARCH is made up of members of organizations who came together to identify gaps in services for homeless individuals and families, develop proposals to fulfill these needs, and who are dedicated to working collaboratively to see these services become a reality. Representatives from various local agencies serve on the ARCH board:
    1. Evan Mills, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems-Chair
    2. Shea Post, Athens Area Homeless Shelter, Secretary
    3. Olivia Long, AIDS Athens-Treasurer
    4. Laurie Wilburn Bailey, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems
    5. Paige Cummings, Athens Nurses Clinic
    6. Dawn Criss, Clarke County Department of Family and Children Services

In addition, local community members have joined the board representing interests within the communities being served:
1. Patonia Lumpkin
2. Carey Parrott
3. Tony Sanchez
4. Yvonee McKethan-Roberts
5. Kirrena Gallagher

  1. How was ARCH Developed? In May, 2005 the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Commission, a group of retired high-ranking military officers responsible for deciding which bases will close, announced that it would recommend that the U.S. Department of Defense close the Navy Corps Supply School in Athens, along with three other Georgia bases, and move its supply, maintenance and transportation training programs to a base in Rhode Island. Athens-Clarke County Mayor Heidi Davison designated members to the Local Redevelopment Authority (LRA), a group of citizens recognized by the Secretary of Defense that act as a single voice for the community in responding to the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process. The LRA’s mission is to develop a comprehensive reuse plan to submit to the Navy.
  1. When with the new sites be open for business?  We are anticipating the residential units in ARCH  Village and the Athens Resource Center becoming fully operational by April, 2016.  The Daycare Center is scheduled to open in July, 2016.

6.  What does homelessness look like in Athens?


  1. What does homelessness look like nationwide?


  1. How many people lack health insurance in Athens? There are approximately 29,000 uninsured indigent people in Athens and the surrounding counties
  1. How do you access ARCH Services? The future home of ARCH Services are currently under construction, however many of the services are already available through the partner agencies. Click on the links below to learn more about how to access services that are currently available.

http://advantagebhs.org/ -Advantage Behavioral Health Systems

http://helpathenshomeless.org/ -Athens Area Homeless Shelter

http://aidsathens.org/ – AIDS Athens

http://athensnursesclinic.org/wp/– Athens Nurses Clinic

  1. Do you use volunteers? Yes! Volunteers are an important component of each of the agencies within ARCH. Please contact the specific agency and ask for their guidelines.


Advantage Homeless Day Service Center

What services does the Advantage Homeless Day Service Center (HDSC) offer? We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of homeless individuals and families in the Athens-Clarke County area, including:

  • laundry and shower facilities
  • case management to link them to other needed services such as shelters, housing, medical and dental treatment
  • linkage to treatment for mental illness and addictive disease
  • use of the Center’s address as a mailing address to receive mail from family and friends and regarding jobs and benefits
  • a place to receive necessary items such as food, clothing, blankets, hygiene kits
  • Upon completion of construction, housing to families with children who are experiencing homelessness where one family member is in recovery from mental illness.

Does the Advantage Homeless Day Service Center accept Medicaid and/or Medicare? The services offered by the Advantage HDSC are no cost to the clients served. We may link you to other needed services that accept Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and other payors but we also have resources that include services for those with no ability to pay.

Is the HDSC a shelter? No, it is not. The HDSC operates Monday through Friday, 9AM-4:30 PM to provide and link clients with needed services, but it is not an overnight shelter.

Do you have to have a diagnosed Mental Illness or Addictive Disease to be served by Advantage’s HDSC? No, you do not. The Advantage Homeless Day Service Center is open to anyone experiencing homelessness.

AIDS Athens

What services does AIDS Athens offer?

AIDS Athens serves to meet the needs of individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and works to prevent the spread of the disease through educational and prevention programming. For positive individuals, the organization provides housing and supportive services including food, counseling, support groups, educational programming, case management, and medical care. For the community, AIDS Athens offers educational and prevention programming as well as HIV testing. Anyone infected or affected by HIV/AIDS can attend our support groups and educational workshops on HIV/AIDS

How many people are infected with HIV and AIDS?

At the end of 2011, an estimated 1,201,100 persons aged 13 and older were living with HIV infection in the United States, including 160,300 (14%) persons whose infections had not been diagnosed. CDC estimates that approximately 50,000 people in the United States are newly infected with HIV each year. TO look up statistics for your area, go to the Department of Public Health website.  https://dph.georgia.gov/data-fact-sheet-summaries#PublicHealthDistrictData.

Athens Area Homeless Shelter

What services does the Athens Area Homeless Shelter offer?

AAHS offers several services for both those experiencing homelessness and those at-risk. The Almost Homeprogram is a transitional housing shelter for women with children. Participants of this program have access to holistic case management for up to 18 months while they work toward self-sufficiency. The Going Home program involves rapid rehousing and homelessness prevention by offering families experiencing homelessness and those at-risk of homelessness holistic case management as they become independent. JobTREC is an employment support services program available to help clients in the Almost Home and Going Home programs take additional steps toward self-sufficiency. All My Money provides financial literacy education to clients in the community in various settings, including group classes, individual counseling and monthly seminars. Each program is designed to help at-risk members of the community stabilize and maintain independence.


Athens Nurses Clinic

  1. What services does the Athens Nurses Clinic offer? The Athens Nurses Clinic is a safety-net clinic providing family medicine for uninsured, low/no income patients. They provide office visits, medications, laboratory testing and patient education for chronic medical problems. They also provide dental services.


  1. Does the Athens Nurses Clinic accept Medicaid or Medicare? No, it is specifically a safety-net clinic for uninsured low/no income patients.


What classes does the Athens Nurses Clinic offer?  The Clinic offers Hypertension Management, Smoking Cessation, Diabetes Management, Healthy Living/Healthy Community Diabetes Prevention, and  Nutrition, Diet and Exercise