How Can I Help?

The funds that have been granted to ARCH are limited to the purchase of the land and building construction.  The ARCH partners created this collaborative effort with the understanding that each agency is responsible for ongoing services.

The following are our immediate needs:

Children’s Program:

·         School Supplies – $20 per child

·         School Uniforms – $25 per child

·         Camp Sponsorship – $75 per child

There are 60 children in our Family Advocacy Program

Work Program

·         Work Uniforms – $60 per client

·         Monthly Bus passes – $18 per month/$216 per year per client

In – donations:

·         Ensure and protein shakes

·         Paper items for support group meals – plates, napkins and cups

·         Meals for support groups on Thursday evenings – 20 people per group

·         Apartment start-up items for homeless clients entering our housing program.  We need donations of those items or a $50 donation will buy one kit.

As of now, we are looking to purchase beds, tables, chairs, toilets, benches, computers, laundry machines, and even build a play ground.  We are willing to provide donors with naming rights for their contributions which includes two roads.

For personnel, we are currently seeking the funds necessary to hire an executive director.  In addition, we are looking for board members within the community as well as volunteers to assist us in carrying out our day to day operations once our building is functional.

While ARCH isn’t functional at the moment, our partner agencies are all in need of a helping hand.  If you are interested in volunteering your time, please reach out to the individual agency to set up an appointment.  Once we are operational in our building, we will directly accept ARCH volunteers.

Anyone interested in donating to our organization may do so online at our donate page.  Those who are interested in volunteering are encouraged to email chairman Evan Mills at Email Chairman Evan Mills at