Athens Resource Center

Athens Resource Center (ARC):


  •  The Athens Resource Center is located on North Avenue and will provide supportive services primarily focusing on the following three areas of need:
    •  Medical Clinic for Homeless Individuals  and Families
    •  HIV/AIDS Specialty Care Clinic
    •  Intensive Case Management and Support Services for the General Homeless Population

Medical Clinic:

The medical clinic will be operated by Athens Nurses Clinic and will target uninsured individuals and families.  Service provided will largely focus on health concerns associated with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other chronic disease which may not require immediate hospitalization.  The Athens Nurses Clinic has been providing these services to individuals in need for over 15 years.  This new collaborative effort will allow the clinic to expand its operations.

HIV/AIDS Needs Clinic

AIDS Athens will operate an HIV/AIDS clinic focusing on medical care for the homeless and those at-risk for homelessness with HIV/AIDS. This organization has a 27 year history of housing chronically homeless individuals and families with HIV/AIDS. AIDS Athens understands the direct correlation between housing and positive health outcomes. Therefore, this expansion of services will continue to help those positive individuals live a long and productive life.

Homeless Support Services:

Homeless individuals and families require a variety of services to meet their immediate needs and assist them in attaining housing stability.  Currently, services are located all over Athens.  Our goal is to offer services in one location so that all of an individual’s needs can be addressed in a single setting.  The majority of these services will be provided by Advantage Behavioral Health Systems and the Athens Area Homeless Shelter.  Services will include:

  • Laundry Facilities & Shower Facilities
  • Access to needed items such as food, clothing, blankets, and hygiene kits
  • A “Home Base” for those living on the streets
  • Access to a  computer lab to research jobs, housing, and other services and to stay in contact with family and other supports
  • Access to  Case Management to link to needed resources, including housing, and to teach skills to maintain housing
  • Treatment for mental illness and addictive disease
  • Job support and coaching to re-enter the workforce
  • Access to financial assistance for housing
  • Receive assistance applying for Social Security Income/Social Security Disability Income Benefits through the SOAR program

The unique partnerships that have formed the ARCH collaborative will allow for more effective and streamlined service delivery to the homeless population which will better address their needs and guide them on the path toward housing stability.